SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing

Reach Your Subscribers in Seconds with High Open Rates!

Mobile phones are not only a necessity it has also become an integral part of our daily lifestyle. Mobile phones are also the primary mode of communication, especially through texting. The popular usage of mobiles makes SMS (Short Message Service) marketing one of the best marketing techniques that exist. Our SMS marketing services will be catered to your business needs and goals. The marketing experts at Horizon Technologies follows a customer-first approach and thorough analysing and research is always performed prior to all marketing campaigns.

What Does SMS Marketing Bring to Your Business?

Reach a Wide Demographic

All you need are potential customers with a mobile device for your messages to be delivered. In current times, a vast majority of people are mobile phone owners making it easy for your messages to be delivered.

A Profitable Return on Investment

When SMS marketing is done right, it gives a generous ROI. With proper marketing strategies put in place, it has a strong potential to achieve a great return on investment.

Generate Word of Mouth

A valuable deal offered to your customers will spread easily through word of mouth to their families, friend circles and colleagues. Word of mouth is a powerful tool because when people hear from a friend or a consumer about a product/brand, they are more likely to buy it.

Improve Customer Relationship

Build relationships with your audience by sending personal messages of special offers that are only available to them, thank you messages after purchase or when a product delivery is ready.

Opt-in Option

A customer signing up for your SMS services means you have already brought in a potential buyer who is interested in your brand. This is a great opportunity to start a sale process.

Opt-out Option

Your SMS campaign should always offer an option to unsubscribe. A customer wants to be certain that they won’t be spammed and they can opt-out whenever they wish. This option will also benefit you by being able to have a database of customers who are only genuinely interested.

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