Digital marketing tips to combat the present business crisis

Digital marketing tips to combat the present business crisis featured image

Digital marketing tips to combat the present business crisis

The current coronavirus pandemic is fuelling the decline of the economy. During these challenging times, when operations are halted or conducted through remote work, keeping your business alive can be daunting. As the spread of the virus seems to be persisting, people are affected by health risks as well as with financial complications. Companies worldwide are laying off employees and daily wage workers are unable to earn even a measly income, the world as a whole is taking a toll.

If you are a business owner, it is important that you follow the precautionary measures advised by the government to ensure the health and safety and to contain the spread of the COVID-19 to your staff and clients.

Maybe you have completely closed down your business operations or you may have initiated a work from home setup, how can you maintain healthy relationships with your clients/customers during this crisis? How can you keep your business ready to continue with regular operations once the crisis is eliminated?

Despite the pandemic, it is during this period that businesses should invest in innovation and deliver customer needs. Even during the lockdown, keep your business relevant by following these steps to sustain, innovate and invest in your business digitally.

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Review Your Online Business Strategy

As the lockdown has forced many businesses to shut down their operations some sectors such as travel, hospitality, entertainment, etc. are facing a drop in demand. This is why as a business owner if you have not ventured into the digital world so far, you should make your move now. If you have already built an online business presence for your brand, then it's about time that you start developing/updating your online business strategy.

According to Harvard Business Review, Chinese cosmetic company Lin Qingxuan closed 40% of its stores, but they redeployed more than 100 beauty advisors into digital platforms and achieved 200% growth compared to the previous year's sales.

Therefore, during the lockdown and the pending crisis don't let your business face the impact, instead, stabilize your business with alternatives through digital marketing strategiesHorizon Technologies have been providing effective Digital Marketing services for quite a while and that’s why we know what's best for your business in times of need.

Promote Your Online Business to a Targeted Local Audience

Google's initiatives requesting businesses to update their My Google Business Profile with current and accurate information is a great opportunity to gain better insight into local marketing. Updates include fields like business description, change of business hours, publish a post and update contact info. By providing this information, businesses such as yours can inform your customers/clients about the precautionary measures placed during the current crisis. This action can apprise customers to do business with a responsible company like yours.

Also, if your business lacks a local presence, this is a great chance to develop it through local SEO marketing.

Curate and Sell Online Content

Lockdowns and isolations all over the world have shot up social media usage. This boost in social media has driven the online content demand and grants businesses opportunities to capitalize proactively.

Social media posts, videos, blogs, etc are a few sorts of online content that you can easily invest in to spread brand awareness, develop engagement and generate leads for your business.

With home isolation in place in the majority of the countries, online streaming giants like Netflix are moving towards the expansion of their business in order to reach the masses. Your business too can benefit from curated content developed in accordance with the current trend and shared through the right digital platforms by our team of experienced analysts, content creators and digital marketers.

Engage With Your Customers Via Social Media Campaigns

Be it scrolling through the newsfeed or clicking on the "heart" of a favourite post, people are active on social media now more than ever whether to stay updated on the latest news about the coronavirus or to divert their minds from the lockdown.

If your business is struggling to reach your customers/clients right now, taking your business to the audience at home can make a big difference. Investing in social media marketing can increase the chances of reaching a targeted audience who have a genuine interest in the service or product you deliver.

Surpass this momentum of crisis by innovating your business approach to utilize the perks of the digital world. Go Digital and see your business thrive even through the current pandemic.

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