Reach to most engaged viewers through facebook in stream video ads

Reach to most engaged viewers through facebook in stream video ads featured image

Reach to most engaged viewers through facebook in stream video ads

Video is a powerful medium and its value to businesses is also increasing. Video marketing dominated the field of internet marketing. Roughly 86% of marketers are using video content to advertise, educate, and entertain. New formats and an increase in consumption continue to padded video as an increasingly effective, engaging medium. It’s a train your business can’t afford to miss.

One of the top video advertising trends is Facebook In-stream Ads.

About In-stream Video Ads

In-stream ads = highly engaged audiences

In-stream video offers a great opportunity for brand advertisers to reach well-targeted, highly engaged audiences on Facebook and Audience Network. In-stream video is powerful because it can help you deliver a more complex marketing message that may require a person to pay attention for a longer period of time. Viewers watch ads in return for longer content, which can result in higher completion rates. And since in-stream video targeting is audience-based, viewers of the same video will see different ads depending on their interests. This course gives video advertisers what they need to know to get started delivering in-stream video ads.

2: Target Ideal Customers

Reach people that are truly interested in your services/products. In an effective digital marketing campaign, potential buyers can be specifically targeted rather than promoted to a general public who may not hold any interest. You can set attributes like age, gender, geographic locations and interests to be extremely specific, an option you will not find in traditional marketing.


In-stream video is ideal for reaching your brand objectives, and the following objectives support in-stream video ads. Click the headings below for information about each.

·         Video Views (Drive complete views and increase brand awareness)

·         Brand Awareness (show your ads to people in your target audience most likely to have an interest in your product or brand)

·         Reach (connecting with the maximum number of people in your target audience, optimized for the most efficient CPM)

·         Post Engagement (get more people to engage with your post or Page)


In-stream Ads Placements

Stream video ads allow advertisers to place ads before, during, or after video content. Across the Facebook family of apps and services, there are two in-stream video placements: Facebook in-stream video and Audience Network in-stream video.

How people watch (Video Consumption)

Another significant benefit of targeting an audience in digital marketing is that it can increase the chances of your brand's conversion rate. Since you would be reaching out to an audience with genuine interest, opportunities to increase conversion rates would increase.

5: Spread out your business globally

The ways people watch video is evolving, ranging from short on-the-go bites as they scroll through their Feeds; to slightly longer “lean-forward” views; to even longer, planned “lean-back” sessions. Since our mobile devices are always with us, people watch video on mobile differently throughout their day, so advertisers must adapt to effectively reach audiences in these very different viewing environments. Mobile video watching is no longer confined to shorter duration views, as medium (5–20 minutes) to long-form content (20 minutes or longer) now represents over 45% of smartphone video views.1 In-stream video ads on Facebook and Audience Network are an ideal way to reach this longer-viewing, or “lean back” audience.

Benefits of in-stream video ads

Reach people where they are

More than 100 million hours of video are watched every day on Facebook. In-stream video ad breaks give advertisers access to this vast and growing audience.

Increase longer view duration

In-stream video ads are always followed by video content that people have actively chosen to watch, increasing the likelihood that people will watch the entire ad.

Reach targeted audience

People-based marketing allows you to reach your audience in in-stream environments on Facebook and on the other apps and sites where they're spending time, up to 88% on target.

Deliver in premium, brand-safe environments

Show your ads in content from pre-approved publishers and content creators. Tools to help you ensure brand safety include pre-campaign transparency, domain block lists, content category blocking, and the ability to buy Facebook and Audience Network placements independently. For agencies, offering in-stream video ad services makes it possible to better serve clients (and stand out from the competition). The more video formats you can deliver, the more robust – and effective – campaigns you can deliver.

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