8 Reasons why you should have security surveillance

8 Reasons why you should have security surveillance featured image

8 Reasons why you should have security surveillance

The world is rapidly changing, and technology is becoming more advanced. Although CCTV is an excellent option for security surveillance to keep your business in check, it also comes with a controversy of invasion of property.

But, keeping in mind the current social climate, the greater good outweighs personal concerns. That is why you cannot underestimate the importance of surveillance. If you are a business owner, it is reasonable to want to know the following:

  • What goes on in your office,
  • What your employees are doing, 
  • If there is an emergency or something unusual.

In today’s world, CCTV is most commonly used for surveillance. According to a report, CCTV cameras make up 25% of the global video surveillance industry. 

Let’s look at some of the reasons why CCTV is essential for your business.

Prevents thefts and robberies

By installing CCTV cameras at a strategic position in your business property, you can keep an eye on the ins and outs of your property. CCTV cameras can minimise and prevent break-ins, damage to property and other serious crimes, including employees themselves stealing.

This is why security surveillance will not only prevent your property from outside threats but also keep the environment within your business safe.

Provides evidence of crime

In case of a crime, CCTV camera footage is crucial and comes in handy. The footage from the CCTV provides evidence of the crime and helps identify and capture the criminals. Court judges often give verdicts based on the proof supplied by CCTV. 

Therefore, security surveillance is helpful for yourself, your property, your employees, and your community.

Settle work-related disputes

Disputes and conflicts are a natural part of life. Likewise, disputes can occur even in a professional setting. These conflicts can take place between managers and employees or between employees. To figure out what exactly happened, you can get the help of surveillance footage. Through CCTV footage, you will be able to solve the dispute fairly.

Surveil hazardous areas

Let’s say you run a chemical manufacturing company. It is natural for your company or manufacturing plant to have hazardous zones. These zones could be unsafe for your employees or anyone to roam freely.

Security surveillance in such high-risk places will reduce the need for physical surveillance while providing real-time video surveillance. Placing CCTV cameras in such accident-prone areas will also help you to take precautionary measures.

Effective coverage

A well-organised CCTV infrastructure provides effective and efficient security. Numerous cameras throughout the vicinity create a network of security which you can monitor from your command centre. This way, you can ensure the safety of your property and employees.

Enhanced customer experience

If you are a retail business owner, installing CCTV cameras around your store can help you improve your services by observing your customers’ behaviour. 

You can also monitor how your staff deals with the customers and if there is room for improvement. You can introduce new measures to provide a satisfactory experience to your customers and guide your staff to do as well.

Get real-time footage

The most significant advantage of CCTV is that the owners can view the footage in real-time. Before, security surveillance would require the owner to hire a different person to stay on the premises and monitor the security footage.

But now, with technological advancements, monitoring can be done effortlessly remotely from a computer, smartphone or tablet. You can also view the footage of separate cameras from a single window.


Increased productivity of staff


Suppose you are a business owner, whether your business is a restaurant or a retail store. In that case, the productivity of your staff is of paramount concern, and CCTV surveillance can help you significantly improve that. Monitoring your employees through CCTV can take the burden off your floor manager’s shoulders. This can also ensure that they focus on essential work rather than constantly getting distracted by having to monitor the staff.


On the other hand, ensure you do not breach the privacy of your employees, as the relationship between employer and employees should be based on trust.

If you want to install CCTV cameras for your business but are confused about what you should look for, this blog will surely answer your questions further.


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