ICT-Infrastructure Solution

Continuously-evolving technology and a highly competitive commercial world, demand for a stable and secure ICT Infrastructure at every organization. The ICT Infrastructure team at Horizon Technologies is built around core competencies and expertise with Microsoft server certified personnel. Our team also includes network specialists with hands-on experience in LAN and WAN based networks. Our budget-friendly services are what you need to install your office network, telephony infrastructure or even setting up a call centre for your operations.

Design & Planning

Our evaluation process will help you decide which technology to adopt and maintain - and which to sunset. This process will be carried out throughout every product's lifecycle: research, selection, introduction, maintenance and sunsetting.

Deployment Management

Making Hardware & Software changes can be a risk to your business. Our ICT Deployment Management can ensure your Hardware & Software changes to make the least impact on your business.

Operations Management

ICT Operations Management makes it simpler to manage day-to-day operations. Our best practice is to adopt ICT operations management for tasks such as Job Scheduling, Data Management (including Backup & Recovery) and Database Administration.

Technical Support

Our Technical Support team will help you in problem solving and prevention. Our experienced and bright technicians provide Level 3 Problem Determination, Technical Evaluations, Pilot Test and even Process Planning.

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